Create a WebApp/Website

How can I create a WebApp/Website;

Go to Online and click Create WebApp. Some pages and services will be automatically created.

How can I create a page?

To create a new page, click the Add new Page button.
You can create as many pages as you need.

What types of pages / services are there?

  1. HTML
    It can contain any text, or images. You can use it to upload PDFs, presentations, etc. to share it with your participants. It is often used for Event Agenda, Speakers, Weather, Maps, and other information.
  1. Survey
    The participants answer to questions or vote. First, you must go to More > Survey to create a survey.
  1. Survey list
    The participants can see a list with all active questions or polls you have created.

  2. Questions
    The participants ask questions to the speakers. Also, they can see the questions of others and can vote for the ones they like. First, you must go to More > Questions (Q&A) to create a questions category.

  3. Upload Photo - Shared Album
    The participants can upload photos. Also, they can see the photos that others have uploaded.

  4. Participants List
    List of participants' short profiles. You can specify which participants will appear (eg speakers, organizational team, etc.). You can specify which fields will be included in each profile. Optionally you can also enable Chat mode).

  5. Meetings
    Participants see the profile of others and their availability, and may request to meet with them within a specified time (timeslot).

  6. Announcements
    Participants see your own announcements on a variety of topics. To create announcements go to More > Manage Announcements > 
  7. Live
    Participants can watch a live video (eg a session, a speech), ask live questions and participate in voting.

  8. My Videos
    Participants can watch videos depending on the ticket type they have selected.

How can I specify which pages / features icons will appear in WebApp?

A page / service appears when
  1. it is active/enabled, and
  2. Display from ... and Page End Date is in the required time period

Who has access to the pages / services?

For each page or service you can specify whether it will be public or private.
  1. All (Public)
    Free access.

  2. Login required
    Login with username and password.

  3. Participants only (with personal link)
    Through the platform you can send to all participants their personal link to WebApp.
    If someone does not have the link can enter his email and he will receive it immediately in his email (if he has signed up for the event).

  4. Participants only - Login required
    Login with username and password required.

You can view the WebApp/Website link from Setup > Links > WebApp Link.
This page also has a QR Code that redirects to the WebApp page.

If you want the WebApp link to be short, e.g. www.eventora.gr/eventname contact us.

Click here to see how to send the WebApp/Website Link to participants.

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