Live Questions

Live Questions (Q&A)

How can I create a Questions Category?

Go to Online > Questions/Chat and click Create question category
Fill in the Description, for example, you can name this category Panel A.
Also set the start and end date.

Questions will require your approval to appear.

How can I view and approve questions?

Next to the category you want, click Manage Questions. If there are new questions a link will appear (eg 3 new questions) and when you click on them you will see them. You can accept or reject them. You can also ask your own questions (your own questions are posted immediately).

How can I view what the participants view?

You can either by clicking on Mobile View or through WebApp (if you've connected it - see instructions below).

How can I display the questions on the screen?

Click on Projector View. The display page may also display a logo or a visual of the event.

Go to More > WebApp and create a "Questions" type page and then select the category you want to link to.
See more about WebApp here.
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