Create a Questionnaire / Survey

Create a Questionnaire / Survey

Create a Questionnaire / Survey

  1. To create one or more questionnaires go to Online > Surveys.
  2. Click New Survey.
  3. Type a title, i.e. Evaluation.
  4. Set Start Date and End Date and click  Save.
  5. Click on edit button  and then Add QuestionChoose Question Type, if the  answer is required, type the question, choose Maximum number of choices by participants and then click Save.
Add more questions in the same way.

Go to Event > More > Mobile in order to upload a header picture for the survey.

If you don't want participants to change their answers after submitting them, go to Event > Settings > Event and choose "Do not allow user to change his answer to survey"

Send Questionnaire / Survey email

Please check the link below to see how you can create and send an email to inform your participants to complete the survey.

Questionnaire / Survey Results

Click on to download an excel file with the Survey Results
click icon  to see the Survey Results in pie charts

Go to Online > WebSite and create a "Survey" type page and then select the category you want to link to.
See more about WebApp here.

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