Discount Policy

Discount Policy (Coupons and links for special ticket prices)

Sometime you need to offer reduced pricing. There are three ways that you can do this: a) coupons b) direct links to tickets with reduced price c) personal invitations or RSVPs


At Event EDIT > Coupons you create coupons. For each ticket you specify the coupon code (name), the % reduction and/or the fixed amount of reduction, and finally how many times can be used.
Then, you connect coupons with ticket types (by clicking on checkboxes)  to specify the ticket types that each coupon can be used.

When your event has coupons enabled, a coupon code field is automatically presented during the registration process.

Another way to offer reduced prices, is to create a "hidden" (not enabled) ticket type with reduced price.
Then, at Setup > Links > Direct links to ticket types you can get a direct link to this specific ticket type. If you send this link to specific persons, they will be able to buy a ticket with the reduced price.

This link is not personal, so it is possible to be shared to people who probably you don't want to buy tickets at a reduced price

Personal invitations and RSVPs

You create "hidden" (not enabled) ticket type with reduced prices. Then you send Personal invitations or RSVPs using these ticket types.
The recipients, and only them, will be able to buy tickets with reduced prices. 

Discount policy for ticket purchase (eg 4 + 1 gift)

From the Event menu => Ticjet Type Discount Policy you can configure the discount policy of your event tickets.

1.    In the above window you have to fill in the Description (it does not appear somewhere. It is only for the event administrator).

2.    Choose the ticket to which the discount will be applied

3.    Fill in the discount rate on the ticket you want.

For example, if you want the 5th to be free on the 4 tickets, you will fill in the 5th field the percentage 100%

4.    Finally, by clicking save, the process is completed.

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