Ticket Types

Ticket Types

To edit the ticket types, go to Event > Setup > Ticket Types.

A ticket type named as "General Admission" has already been created.

You can edit it by clicking on the icon: 

The name of the ticket type.

Here you can optionally describe the ticket type inclusions.

Price (VAT included)
Set the price (VAT included).

Total Available
The total available tickets of this specific ticket type.

Minimum Tickets Per Order
The minimum number of tickets that can be selected from the given ticket type.
It is usually 0, except in special cases.

Maximum Tickets Per Order
The minimum number that someone can select from this type of ticket / registration.
It is usually set to 0, except for special cases.

Sales Start/End Date
You can set your specific start and end dates for each ticket type.
This allows you to easily create early bird, normal rate and late bird tickets.

After completing the above, click Save.

To preview the ticket type , click View or Preview.

You can create as many ticket / registration types as you like by clicking on Create Ticket button.

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