RSVP Sending Guide

RSVP Sending Guide

RSVPs are invitations you can send to specific guests.
Guests receiving RSVP may respond positively or negatively to your invitation, after which you will be notified.
Those who respond positively will receive an e-mail to which their entry / e-ticket will be attached.

First, you need to configure the email template from Event > Customize > Templates> Main > RSVP > Edit.

You can then upload RSVPs, either individually or in bulk.

Send to 1 recipient 

  1. Click the button   > RSVP
  2. Select email template and language and click Continue
  3. Check "Send by Email"
  4. Select ticket type and quantity (usually 1, if it is an invitation for 1 person) and click Continue (Choose "I will select ticket type for the recipients) OR Let the recepient choose ticket type ( Choose Recipient will select the ticket type)
  5. Fill in the fields you want. Usually they are: address (eg Dear Sir), name (eg Nikos), surname (eg Papadopoulos, email, etc.
  6. Click Create RSVP
You can also fill in company name, position, phone, and other optional fields to help you follow up more easily if needed later.

Send to many recipients

  1. First, complete the list of your guests by following the relevant instructions. See the instructions by clicking here
  2. Go to Manage > Send RSVP's
  3. Follow the steps described and click Preview to check and upload.

After submitting the RSVPs, you can follow the progress of the responses by following these instructions:  Managing RSVPs

Resend RSVPs

To resend RSVPs to all who have not replied yet, go to Manage > Resend RSVPs and follow the steps.
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