Check-in Instructions

Check-in Instructions

Basic information

Use as many mobiles or laptops / tablets as you like at each entry point.
All check-ins are synced with Eventora so that the same ticket cannot be scanned more than once.
An internet connection is required for check-in use.
Attendee name, company, ticket type, seat (if you use Seating) and payment status are displayed by default when you check-in attendees.

Why check-in your attendees? 

  1. Check-in reports
    Instantly know who has arrived and the total number of checked-in attendees, etc. Download checked-in reports.
    Reports > Dashboard, Reports > Check-ins and More > Check-in.

  2. Send a thank-you message or follow-up e-mail to your guests.
    To send an e-mail to those that have checked-in (to inform them in real time while at the event or just say thank you after the event),  go to  Invite > Contact Attendees. See more at:  Contact attendees

  3. Welcome your guests
    Use big screens on site to personally welcome attendees as they are checked-in
    Customize the Welcome Display at: Event > Templates > Other

  4. Send a welcome e-mail or SMS.
    You can automatically send a personal welcome email as they are checked-in.
    Enable this at Event > Settings: Email accounts & Notifications
    Customize it at Event > Templates: Other

Attendee info you can see at check-in

When you use Eventora Scanner app or the More > Check-in page, you will be able to see the Name, Company, Position and Seat. If you need to see more info for an attendee, you can specify additional fields at Event > (CUSTOMIZE) Check-in fields.

From the More > Check-in page at the  control panel, you can also:
  1. print ticket, badge and certificate
  2. view and edit ticket and order information
  3. undo a check-in  

Check in with smartphones

Check in attendees faster with Eventora Scanner app for Android and iOS. Internet connection is required.
  1. Install the Eventora scanner application
  2. Login in to your Eventora account
  3. Select your event and session
  4. Simply scan the QR code in printed tickets or saved in phones with your phone camera
Download Eventora Scanner app

Check-in with online list (using laptops or tablets)

  1. Go to: More >  Check in.
  2. To search for a guest on the platform, enter some characters from his name, company or email.
  3. Click check in to check in your guest.
  4. Optionally, click Actions to edit a ticket or print a ticket / badge.

Give access to your team members

  1. Go to Event > Team
  2. Fill in the e-mail of your team member and click "Add User".
  3. Then click on the check boxes below:
    Mobile Check-in: can login to Eventora Scanner app to scan attendee tickets for check-in
    Check-in: can access online list of attendees for check-in at More > Check-in
Inform your team team members to sign up at so they can check-in.

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