Access your tickets online

Haven't received your tickets? Access them online

If you haven't received your registration confirmation e-mail and ticket, stay cool, there are other ways to retrieve it.

Check your spam folder

Check your spam folder. If you find it there, mark the email message as no-spam, and add the sender e-mail to your safe senders list. If you are using gmail, check your Promotions tab.

Access your registration confirmations and tickets online

Go to
Login with your Eventora account or with your Facebook account. In any case, your Eventora account e-mail or your Facebook account e-mail should match the e-mail  you used when you registered for the event.

If you don't have an Eventora account, create one at
When creating the Eventora account, enter the same email you used when you registered for the event.  
In some cases we need to verify your e-mail, so we'll send you an email with a link to verify your email address.  

You will be able to download and print your tickets and add them to iPhone Wallet.

Contact organizer

If you still can't access your registration confirmation and tickets, please contact the organizer.
You can contact them by the "Contact Organizer" button at event's page (bottom right).

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