Complimentary Invitation Sending Guide

Complimentary Invitation Sending Guide

Complimentary tickets are tickets that you directly send to specific guests, for free.
Your guest don't have to register or pay, they just receive their complimentary ticket(s) by email.

Complimentary invitations are usually sent to guests that is already known that they will attend your event (e.g. speakers)

First, you need to customize your email template at Setup > Email Templates: Complimentary

Send Complimentary Invitation to 1 recipient

  1. Go Invite > SEND Complimentary

  2. Select an email template and language and click Continue

  3. Check send by email

  4. Select ticket type and quantity (usually 1 if inviting 1 person) and click Continue
    If you choose a ticket type with price over 0, its price will become 0 (zero).

  5. Fill in the fields you want. Usually these are: salutation(eg Dear Sir), first name (eg Nikos), last name (eg Papadopoulos, email, etc.).

  6. Click Create Complimentary

Send Complimentary Invitations to multiple recipients

  1. Firstly, fill out your invitees list by following the instructions by clicking here.

  2. Go Invite > MASSIVE SEND Send Complimentary Tickets

  3. Follow the steps outlined and click Preview to Check and then click Send.

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