Guide for Sending Complimentary Invitations

Guide for Sending Complimentary Invitations

Complimentary Invitations are free invitations you can send to specific guests.
Guests receiving the Complimentary Invitation do not need to answer whether they will attend or not, like the RSVPs.
The email they receive will already include their e-ticket.
Complimentary Invitations are usually sent to guests who are already expected to attend the event (e.g., Speakers) 
  1. Go to Event > Customize > Templates.
  2. Under Registration (Advanced), click the icon  next to the Complimentary template to edit it.

Individual Sending

  1. Click the icon  in the top right corner > Complimentary.
  2. Select the email template and language.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enable Send via email and/or Send via SMS (SMS option active only if the SMS sending service is enabled).
  5. Choose the ticket type and quantity.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Fill in the fields: Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Email, and any other desired fields.
  8. Click Create Complimentary.
If you choose to send a complimentary invitation for a ticket type that has a cost above 0, the cost will be waived.

Bulk Sending

  • Complete your guest list by following the instructions by clicking here.
  • Go to Manage > More > Import > Import Complimentary.
  • Upload the Excel file with your guest list.
  • Select the ticket type.
  • Select the sender email.
  • Select the template and language.
  • Click Preview 
  • Make sure all details are correct, then click Upload file and send.

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