Issuing certificates with point system

Issuing certificates with point system

In order to issue certificates based on the attendee's attendance time, follow these steps:
  1. Enable the check-out feature at Event > Settings > Event > Enable check out.
  2. Set the credits at Event > Settings > Credits > Full Credits for attending event.
  3. Specify the minimum percentage of total time someone has to attend to receive the certificate from Event > Settings > Credits > Minimum percentage of total attendance time required to receive credits for attendance. 
  4. Tick the Calculate Attendance based on Rooms check-in option if you are going to create rooms.
  5. Specify whether attending a session is counted or not in the total attendance time from Event > Setup > Sessions > Edit > More Settings > Enable for attendance Credits. E.g. attendance at the evening party is not taken into consideration, so in this case you do not check Enable for attendance Credits.

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