Print certificates on Eventora


Certificate templates

  1. Go to Event > More > Certificates
  2. Choose the ticket type
  3. Choose the certificate page size
  4. Use the HTML online editor to set the certificate template. Or, you can create the certificate template  using an HTML editor of your choice, and then paste the HTML source code to the online editor (select Tools > Source Code at the online editor menu)
  5. To insert attendee info and other dynamic info, select Insert Dynamic Text at the online editor menu. 
  6. Click Save to save your changes
You can have different certificate templates for each ticket type.
Repeat these steps to set the certificate template for the ticket types.  Or, click COPY THIS TEMPLATE TO ALL CERTIFICATES to use the same certificate template for all ticket types.
We will be glad to provide any help on setting up the design and template for your certificates. 

Generate a PDF with certificates

To generate a PDF with the badges, go to Manage > More > Print Badges & Certificates

Options on the left
  1. Select the ticket types to generate cerificates.
  2. Select the sorting of cerificates (by last name, by registration type, by seat, by company or by source)
  3. Select the source to generate cerificates for. 

Options on the right
  1. You can specify a range of registration dates to print cerificates for.
  2. You can select:
a) To include cerificates for RSVPs that are not answered yet.
b) To print only cerificates of attendees that are checked in.
c) Print cerificates with the background image
d) Print cerificates of attendees that their last name starts with a letter you specify.

The generated PDF includes the cerificates of the selected ticket type, one cerificates per page,  alphabetically sorted by surname. You can print this PDF using your printer, or send it to a specialized print service company.

Send Certificates 

Send an email that includes the unique link to each attendee so that he can print his own certificate.
  1. Go to Manage > Contact attendees.
  2. Select the recipients of this message. Select  "all" to send to all attendees or "checked in" to send to all checked in attendees.
  3. Select registration type. Select  "all" to send to all attendees or select a specific registration type.
  4. Compose a message. At the HTML editor menu, click on Insert Dynamic text and select Send Certificate Link. By clicking on this link, each attendee will be able to download and print a PDF with his own certificate.
  5. Click SEND EMAIL to send the personal email messages that include the link for each recipient to download and print his certificate. 

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