Accept card payments and / or automated bank deposits

Accept card payments and / or automated bank deposits


  1.       Automatically send entry tickets / receipts / payment proofs / invoices.
  2. Direct, online receipts reports.
  3. Avoiding errors in payment amounts.
You can receive payments with the following automated methods:

1st Method: Card Payments


How do you get it?
  1. Bank Selection: You can obtain an ePOS from one of the following banks: ALPHA BANK, EUROBANK, NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE, PIRAEUS BANK.
  2. Bank Service: Request the e-commerce service from your bank.
  3. Application Submission: Your company's legal representative must submit an application at the selected bank branch.
  4. Application Approval: After your application is approved by the bank, you will receive the "product codes."
Inform the bank that no trial transactions are needed (as you are working with Eventora). Request them to send you the "product codes" directly.
If you are collaborating with ALPHA BANK or EUROBANK, select to activate Background Confirmations in the application.


Accept card payments to your Stripe account.
You can create a Stripe account here:
For more instructions regarding payments via Stripe, click here.


Accept card payments to your EveryPay account.
Learn more here:

Viva Wallet

Accept card payments to your Viva Wallet account.

2nd Method: PaybyBank

Automation of Receipts with PaybyBank

PaybyBank automates the recognition of every payment made by your customers through e-banking or deposit at a bank branch. Once the payment is made, Eventora is automatically updated and sends the entry ticket (and related document, if specified).


  • Saves time and effort for you and your accounting team in payment recognition. Payment recognition is automated, similar to card payments.
  • Fixed commission regardless of the transaction amount, usually resulting in lower fees.
  • Facilitates payments from corporate clients who do not have cards, such as companies paying for their executives' participation in conferences.
  • How It Works

    1. When your customer selects PaybyBank as the payment method, a unique 13-digit payment code is automatically generated. This code is displayed on the registration completion page and included in the registration confirmation email.
    2. They can then make the payment using one of the following methods:
    a) Via e-banking: They log into their e-banking account, navigate to Payments, select PaybyBank, enter their details, the amount, and the 13-digit payment code.
    b) At a bank branch or via phone banking: They declare the amount and the 13-digit payment code.
    Once the payment is completed, Eventora is automatically updated to confirm the payment.

    How to Obtain PaybyBank

    1. Submit an application to PaybyBank. For more information, visit
    2. After acquiring PaybyBank, inform us to activate it on Eventora.
    3. Once activated, you can use it for conferences and seminars of your choice.

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