Stripe payments

            How can I enable Stripe?

            To enable Stripe payments, go to Set up > Payment methods and check the checkbox Cards under Stripe.
            Then enter the Publishable key  and the Secret key and click Save.

            If you want to enable iDEAL (a payment method very popular in the Netherlands and other countries), check also the checkbox iDEAL. You need to have enabled iDEAL on your Stripe control panel too.

            How can I make test payments with Stripe?

            At the  Publishable Key and Secret Key enter your test Stripe  keys (you will find them on your Stripe control panel) and click Save.

            Then,  go to your  event registration page, make a registration and select Pay by card.
            Find test card numbers that you can use to make test payments at https://stripe.com/docs/testing#cards
            When you have finished your tests, don't forget to remove the test keys and enter the real ones at Set up > Payment methods 

            Updated: 12 Apr 2019 12:21 PM
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