Setup the registration form

            To customize the registration form (submission form), go to Setup  > Order Form
            The form already contains: Name, Surname, e-mail (required)

            To add more fields:

            Predefined fields
            Choose from predefined fields, by clicking on the corresponding check-box at the first column
            To mark a field as required, click on the corresponding check-box in the third column.
            Click Save to save your form.

            Custom fields and questions
            Click Create Field to create your own fields and questions.

            Instructions and text
            To add instructions or other text you can create a custom field of type "Separator" and drag it to the top of your form.

            Field Order
            To set the order of each field, drag and drop. Click Save to save your changes.

            Form Preview
            To preview your form, click View or Preview

            Updated: 15 May 2019 11:43 AM
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