Set up the Contest Form (or an abstract submission form)

            To customize the Contest Entry Form (submission form), go to Setup (EDIT) > Order Forms
            The form already contains:
            • Name, Surname, e-mail (required)
            • Thematic Area (Category). Participants select the Category for their Entry.
              You need to set the Categories at Contest > Categories
            • Abstract Title (Entry Title) (required)
            • Choose File (required). Participants will upload a document to be reviewed.
            • Presentation Type (required).  Participants choose their preferred Presentation Type. 
              Contest Admins and Supervisors can set the final Presentation Type.
              By default there are 2 presentation types: Oral, Poster. If you need to add more presentations types (e.g. Video Presentation), please contact us providing the list of presentation types, and we will modify the Presentation Type list accordingly for your conference or contest.

            To add more fields:
            Predefined fields
            Choose from predefined fields, by clicking on the corresponding check-box at the second column
            To mark a field as required, click on the corresponding check-box in the third column.
            Click Save to save your form.

            Custom fields and questions
            Click Create Field to create your own fields and questions.

            To add instructions  to Participants (for example text and links to abstract template) you can create a custom field of type "Separator" and drag it to the top of your form.

            Field Order
            To set the order of each field, drag and drop. Click Save to save your changes.

            Form Preview
            To preview your form, find the Contest Entry Link at Contest > Contest Link

            For any help, just contact us. We will be glad to customize the Entry Form and set up the Contest for you.

            Updated: 05 Feb 2019 06:03 PM
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