Send complimentary tickets

            Complimentary tickets are tickets that you directly send to specific guests, for free.
            Your guest don't have to register or pay, they just receive their complimentary ticket(s) by email.

            When a ticket is created as complimentary, it's price becomes 0 (zero).

            First, you need to customize your email template at Setup > Email Templates : Complimentary

            Then, to create and send complimentary tickets:
            1. Go to Reports > Orders 
            2. Click the orange button at the top left, and select Complimentary
            3. Select email template and language, and click Next
            4. If you just want to create the complimentary and send it later, uncheck Send by email
            5. Select types and quantity of tickets and click Next
            6. Fill in the fields (name, surname, email, etc.)
            7. Click Create Complimentary

            To send the Complimentary that you have created:
            1. Go to Reports > Orders 
            2. Search by name, email, etc.
            3. From Actions select Send Ticket
            4. You will be able to preview the email template that will be used.
            5. Click Next and the email will be send with the ticket attached.

            Updated: 19 Jan 2019 01:49 PM
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