Create a contest with reviewers (or abstract review)

            Create Event

            1. First, at Home you Create an event.
              Then, at the main event menu, select Submissions and set up your contest using the options below.

            1. In case someone else has already created the event for you follow the steps:
            1. Click Manage Events
            2. Select "All Events" next to the search field and look for the event you are interested in
            3. If you can't find it try selecting the tab "My events"
            4. When you find the event you are insterested in, click the button "Manage" of the column "Actions"
            5. At the main event menu, select Submissions and set up your contest using the options below.

            Submissions Options

            Enter the Categories (thematic areas, topics) for contest entries 

            Evaluation Criteria
            Enter the Criteria that will be used by reviewers to set grades when they review contest entries. Also set the grades range (for example 1 to 10)

            Email Templates
            Edit the email templates for confirmation of entries, rejected entries and winning entries.

            Contest Link 
            Here you can find the link for the online submission form

            Reviewers Team
            Specify the team of Reviewers. For each Reviewer, enter Reviewer's email, click Add User and then check the check-boxes you want to give access.

            Roles of Reviewers Team (check-boxes):

            • Viewers: are only able to view the entries.
            • Reviewers: are able to access and grade the entries of the Categories you assign to them. They can make comments addressed to a) Supervisors and Admins and b) to Participants (Admins can specify if the comments will be sent to Participants). Reviewers can also propose to change the Category of an entry.
            • Reviewers Supervisorsare able to access, grade (or change grades), read comments, change the Category of an Entry, and make the Final Decision for the entries of the Categories you assign to them. 
            • Admins: are able to do all actions above. They can also modify e-mail messages templates for Announcement of Results, and send e-mail messages to all Participants and Supervisors.

            There are 2 options for assignment to reviewers:

            Option A: Assign categories to reviewers
            Go to Contest > Assign to assign Categories (topics) to Reviewers. Optionally  you can assign Categories to Supervisors.
            Each Reviewer is able to access all the entries of the Categories that you select here.
            Each Supervisor is able to review, edit reviews and make Final Decisions for the entries you specify here. 

            Option B: Assign specific entries to reviewers
            Go to Contest > Results to see all submitted entries. Filter by Category, if you need so.
            For a specific entry, click the button "Show all reviews"
            From the select list field, choose a reviewer.
            Click "Add reviewer"
            You have assigned this entry to this reviewer. You can add another reviewer to this entry, or click the Back arrow button to return to the list of entries.

            Useful reports for managing the review process:

            • Number of Entries per Category
            • Number of Assigned Entries per Reviewer
              See how many entries have been assigned to each reviewer and has many reviews has made.


            A list of all submitted entries. Accessible only by Contest Admins.
            The report includes all fields and answers of the Submission Form, including a link to the submitted file. To download the report in Excel format, click the top right button. 

            Accessible by Contest Admins (all Entries) and Supervisors (Entries in Categories assigned to them).

            • View how many reviews have been made so that you can check the progress of the review process
            • Assign specific reviewers to specific entries (see above) 
            • View and edit Grades (for all Criteria) and comments by Reviewers
            • View Average Grade for each Entry
            • View  proposed Category Changes and change Category of an Entry
            • View and change the Presentation type of an Entry
            • Make Final Decisions for each Entry

            Send results by email
            Inform each participant by a personalized email, using the corresponding templates that you have customised. 

            Updated: 11 Oct 2019 05:33 PM
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