Clone event

            When you need to create a new event, sometimes it's easier to duplicate an existing event and make changes rather than creating a new event from scratch.

            To clone an event, go to My Home > Manage events, and click Clone next to the event you want to clone.

            You will be asked to enter your preferred link for your new event. 

            Your new event will be ready in a few seconds, with all setup information copied form your original event.

            Here is what you need to check and if needed, update with new info.

            Setup  > Event
            Event name, description, start/end date and time, image, location.
            If your event uses more than one language, you will need to check every language.

            Setup > Ticket Types
            Start/End date/time for your tickets

            Setup > Settings
            Select Dates & Limits, and update the Registration Start/End Dates

            Setup > Customize
            Make sure that your custom templates for e-mails, tickets, Apple Wallet, etc contain information that is valid with your new event.

            Make a test registration
            Make a test registration to check that everything is set up correctly.
            Updated: 09 Jan 2019 03:41 PM
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