Answering your first ticket.

            Zoho Desk packs a bunch of features that are expressly there to help you respond to tickets smartly.

            The first of these, you've already discovered: Auto-Suggest Articles. Zoho Desk pulls up relevant articles on the ticket's content—so you can save time on frequently asked questions.

            Every action that you can perform with respect to a ticket has a corresponding keyboard shortcut. With these, you can optimize the time you spend on each ticket. (And the shortcut to access these shortcuts is Shift + ? ).When you need to quickly consult a colleague, you can tag them in a ticket comment without having to leave this screen. That's like a quick chat, without even leaving your place, and with the full context of the ticket.

            With these, you're good to go.

            Go on, save the world from bad customer service!

            Updated: 09 Jan 2019 04:41 PM
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