Allow attendees to cancel tickets

            You can allow attendees to cancel their tickets. 
            They can cancel all tickets in an order by clicking  "Cancel Order" in the registration confirmation email.
            Ot, they can cancel a specific ticket by clicking "Cancel Ticket" in the e-ticket.

            To allow ticket buyers to cancel their orders and tickets, follow the steps below:
            1. At Setup > Event, check "Allow user cancel orders and tickets"
            2. At Setup > Email Messages and Pages > edit "Registration Confirmation" mail, insert the dynamic field "Cancel Order" (select it from "Insert Dynamic Text" button on the online editor.). 
            3. At Setup > CUSTOMIZE Tickets > insert the dynamic field "Cancel Ticket" (select it from "Insert Dynamic Text" button on the online editor.).

            Updated: 10 Jan 2019 11:57 AM
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