Eventora online editor

Use the online editor

Use the online editor to customize email messages, e-tickets, badges, certificates,  invoices and more.

Insert or edit an image

  1. Click the image icon on the toolbar (highlighted in yellow). The Insert/edit image dialog will pop-up.
  2. On the dialog, click the search icon (highlighted in yellow) to upload an image from your computer. Or, paste the source URL of an image. 
    If needed, modify the dimensions.
  3. Click OK to upload and insert the image.

Insert Image

Insert a document

  1. Select the word or phrase you want to iink with the document.
  2. Click the Link icon on the toolbar (is located just before the imageicon). The Insert/edit image dialog will pop-up.
  3. On the dialog, click the search icon to upload a document from your computer. Or, paste the source URL of a document. 
  4.  Click OK to upload the document. It will be linked with the wprs or phrase you have selected.

View and modify HTML source

To view and modify the HTML source, on the editor menu select Tools > Source Code.
On the pop-up window you can view and modify the HTML source. You can also paste your HTML source.

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