Send a video-conference link instead of an e-ticket

Send a video-conference link instead of an e-ticket

For online events, usually you don't need to send a ticket with a QR code, but instead  send the link your video-conference meeting. To do this:
  1. At Event > Settings, select the tab Email Template Options (at the left). At the Send tickets by email list box select Never.
  2. At Event > Email templates, select the tab No ticket attached (at the left). To customize and include the link in the  Registration Confirmation e-mail, click the envelope icon. To customize and include the link in  the "Thank you for your registration" page, clilck the page icon.
  3. Since there will be no tickets, please go to Event > (CUSTOMIZE) Custom Css and paste and save the following text:
    #showTicketsPdf {display:none}
    #showTicketsPassbook {display:none}

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