Registrations Tracking

Registrations Tracking and Referrers


It's easy to track where registrations come from and see which of your campaigns or referral sites are more successful.
You can use referrer links in your campaigns, referral sites, etc. 

To create referrer links go to Manage > More > Referrers and click Add
To use the referrer link go to Manage > More > Links and click the button "Create link with referrer" to select the referrer.
At the "Event link" or "Direct links to ticket types" tab click  icon to copy the link with the referrer to your clipboard.

Referrer reports
‚ÄčTo view referrer statistics go to Reports > More > Statistics.

Examples of referrer links


Google Analytics

At Event> Settings > Analytics & Retargeting enter the Ids that you have obtained from Google Analytics for your domain: 
  • Google Analytics Tracking Id 
  • Google GTag Id
  • Google GTag Event Id At Order Completion Page
  • Google Analytics Cross Domain
  • Google Conversion Id

Facebook Pixel Id

At Event > Settings > Analytics & Retargeting enter your Facebook Pixel id that you have obtained from Facebook for Facebook ads retargeting

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