Public or Private Event?

Public or Private Event?

Public event​

The event page and ticket types (except the hidden ticket types) are accessible by everyone. Anyone can register to your event. 
By default, events are public, so you need to set them to be private or accessible with a link.
The event page is only accessible to people with a link with a code.
To create the link with the bypass code follow the steps below:
a) At Setup > EDIT Settings, set your event as Private but also enter a bypass code, for example mycode
b) Append ?c=mycode at the end of your event link (you can find your event link at Setup > EDIT Links)
Example of an event link with a bypass code: 

Private event

The event page is not accessible to the public. People are able to register via a unique personal link in the RSVPs and Personal Invitations that you send to them. Set an event as Private at Setup > EDIT Settings
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