New UI

New UI


On our new homepage you can see the number of participants, the revenue of your event and a quick report on the RSVPs you have sent. You can also perform some of the main functions of the platform

In the "MANAGE" menu you can see the registrations, the requests, to send or resend RSVP, to see how many are checked in at your event and contactall the participants


In the "EVENT" menu you can edit (event details, ticket types, registration form) and configure (templates email templates and tickets) the various parameters of your event.

In the "REPORTS" menu you can see in detail all your reports (registrations, tickets, etc.)


You can easily get pappers , evaluate them with a team of judges - evaluators and announce the results - winners


You can make 1-1 meetings with video online but also live

Add new registration - rsvp from homepage for easy access

ADD a "CALENDAR" Icon that allows you to have the overall management of your events


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