Issue and Send Invoices

Issue and Send Invoices

Eventora offers multiple options for invoicing. 

Invoices Settings

If you would like to issue invoices through Eventora go to Event > Settings> Invoices.

At this page you can see all the available invoicing options.
If you select an option that has an asterisk (*) you will need to enable the invoice fields from Event > Edit Forms.
In all other options the invoice fields are automatically created to be completed by the user, after first selecting the type of invoices he wants as shown in the picture below.

After selecting your invoice option, click Save.

Customize Invoices PDF

You can set up the invoices templates with your logo, company info, and other info and instructions, at Event > Invoices.
Any fields within {{ }} are automatically created and we would recommend that you do not amend them.

Send Invoices

Depending on the option you select at Invoices Settings, the invoices will be sent either automatically or manually.

If you have set them to be sent automatically, they will be attached to the registration confirmation email, which you can edit from Event > Email Messages and Pages > Registration Confirmation.

If you have set them to be sent manually, they will be attached to an email that you can edit from Event > Email Messages and Pages > Invoices > Invoices.

To send them manually you need to follow the steps below.

Mark an order as paid:
  1. Go to Reports > Orders
  2. Click Actions and select Set as paid 

Issue and send invoices:
  1. Go to Reports > Orders
  2. Click Actions and select Issue invoice 
  3. Click Actions and select Send Invoice

An alternative way to manually issue and send invoices:
  1. At Reports > Invoices Data  click Issue Invoice.
  2. To send the invoice,  go to Reports > Invoices and click Send Invoice

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