Embed in your website

Embed in your website

It's easy to embed the registration form for your event or contest, in your websiteYour visitors stay in your website - they are not redirected to the registration page Eventora generates.

If you use RSVPs, invitations or direct links, when the recipient clicks the link he will be directed to the Eventora page, not to your website.

How to embed:

  1. Copy the embed HTML code that you will find at Manage > More > Links > Embed
  2. Modify width and height in the code snippet, so that the embedded form fits nice in your website
  3. Paste the code in the source code of your web page
  4. For the best experience, create your own Thank you Page on your website (Thank you Page is the page where the visitor is redirected after a successful registration).

So the registration experience is on your own website, visitors are not to redirect to our 
In your  "Thank you Page" on your own website, you can include any info and message you might want.

How to do set your own Thank you Page:
At Event > Settings > Links, enter the URL of your "Thank you Page" at the Settings field Link to Redirect in Successful Order Completion

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