Eventora design for online events

Design for online events

Here are some proposed image sizes to customize your online event.

File Type: JPG or PNG

A) Registration Form
  1. Registration form header image: width: 1.100px (Proposed: 1.100 X 292)
    Go to Event > Setup> Event Info
  2. (optional) Background image:   1920px X 1080px (W x H) 
B) Emails
  1. E-mail Header: width: 600px (Proposed: 600 X 160)

C) e-Tickets (for Physical / Hybrid events)
  1. e-tickets: 300px X 80px (W x H) 
    Go to Event > Customize > Tickets
  2. iPhone Wallet: 640px X 170px (W x H) 
    Go to Event > Customize > Apple Wallet

D) Social Media
  1. Facebook: 200px X 200px (W x H) 
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter:  At least 140px X 140px (W x H) 

    Go to Event > 
    Customize > Social

E) Online environment 
(All images are optional)
  1. Event logo (placed on top left of the online event):  Proposed height: 50px  and width: 90px 
    Go to Online > Website and click the Draw icon 
  2. Event background image: Proposed:  1920 X 1080
    Go to Online > Website and click the Draw icon 
  3. Stage Image (used in stage when video is not played). Proposed:  1920 X 1080
  4. (If applicable) Loby image. 1920px X 850px 
  5. Event sponsors / booth logos: All in same size. Proposed:  300 X 300  
  6. Speaker images: 300px x 300px
  7. Fav Icon: 32px X 32px, type: .ico
    Go to Online > Website and click the Draw icon 

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