Eventora design for online events

Design / Graphics Specifications

Below you will find the recommended dimensions for graphics and instructions on how to upload them.
These dimensions ensure the best quality display of the graphics.
File Types: JPG ή PNG

Α) Registration Form

  1. Registration Form Header: Max width: 1.100px. Proposed: 1.100px X 292px (width x height)
    Event > Setup > Event info
  2. (optionally) Background image: 1920px X 1080px (width x height)
    Event > More > Design
The Registration Header image is pre-set to be used in every automated email sent. If you want a different image to appear in the emails instead of the header image, go to Event > Settings > Email Template Options and uncheck the Include Event Image option.

Β) Emails (RSVPs, Registration Confirmations, etc.)

  1. E-mail Header:  Max width: 600px. Proposed: 600px X 160px (width x height)
    Event > Customize > Templates

C) E - Tickets for Physical or Hybrid Events

  1. E - tickets: Max width 300px. Proposed: 300px X 80px (width x height) 
    Event > Customize > Tickets
  2. Apple Wallet / Google Wallet: 640px X 170px (width x height)
    Event > Customize > Apple Wallet / Google Wallet
Each ticket type can have its own background color and image, which will be displayed when users save their tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

D) Social Media

They are used when visitors share your page (if your event is not private, e.g., corporate) or make related posts.
  1. Facebook: 600px X 315px or 200px X 200px (width x height)
  2. LinkedIn: 1200px X 627px (width x height)
  3. Twitter:  Minimum: 140px X 140px (width x height)
    Event > Customize > Social
Facebook Caching 
Sometimes, even if you update the Facebook image, Facebook continues to use the previous image due to caching. To ensure Facebook uses the updated image:
b) Paste your event's URL and click Debug.
c) In the "When and how we last scraped the URL" section, click Scrape Again.

Twitter Caching
Twitter may cache the image for up to a week, which means it can take a long time for the new image to update.

E) Web Site (Online enviroment)

All images below are optional.
  1. Logo (up left corner): Max width: 90px, Max height: 50px
    Online > Website > 
  2. Background image: 1920px X 1080px (width x height)
    Online > Website > 
  3. Entry image/Lobby:  1920px X 850px
  4. Stage image (it is used when the live streaming is offline): 1920px X 1080px (width x height)
  5. Sponsors logos: All the images should have the same size. For example: all 600px X 300px.
  6. Speakers photos: 300px X 300px 
  7. Favicon: 32px x 32px (file type: .ico)
    Online > Website > 

F) Badges

  1. Badge Background Image:  A6 Portrait: 1240px Χ 1748px or A6 Landscape: 1748px Χ 1240px (width x height)
    Event > Customize > Badges

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