Branding and Designer's guide

Branding and Designer's guide

Design your event page, tickets, wallet, badges, invoices, etc. at Setup > CUSTOMIZE

Dimensions and Examples

See dimensions and examples here


Event Page Header Image
Event > Setup > Event Info
Used for your event registration page.
By default is also used by every automated email message or invitation for your event (you have the option to disable this at Setup > Settings, Email template options, uncheck Include event info).

Event Page Background Image
Event > More > Design
Used for your event registration page.

E-mail messages
Event > Customize > Templates
You can insert any image in e-mail messages.

Apple Wallet
Event > Customize > Apple Wallet
Each ticket type can have its own background color and image for Wallet.

Event > Customize > Tickets
Each ticket type can have its own design (HTML).
We provide a default template.

Event > Customize > Badges
Each ticket type can have its own design (HTML).
We provide a default template.
If you need help to customize badges please send e-mail to help at

Facebook share
Event > Setup > Social
Image used when you or other visitors share your event on Facebook.

Facebook Caching
Sometimes even if you update the Facebook image,  Facebook still uses the previous image, due to caching. To enforce Facebook to use the image you uploaded:
b) Paste your event URL  and click Debug
c) At section "When and how we last scraped the URL" click Scrape Again

Twitter share
Setup > Twitter
Image used when you or other visitors share your event on Twitter.

Twitter Caching
Twitter might cache the image even for 1 week. This means that the image might take long to refresh. 

Other images (optional)
  • Images in registration forms (suggested max width 500 px)
  • Image for  invoices
  • Image or background images for certificates

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