Digital Booth Specifications

Digital Booth Specifications

Booth Templates Examples

Template A

Template B

file type: .png or .jpg
proposed size: 350px width x 250px height
max size: 1mb

Note: The number of video, pdf, links and banners depend on the selected booth template.


Up to 5 videos
  1. YouTube link (i.e.:
    You should have ticked the "allow embedding" option in your YouTube video settings
  2. Vimeo link (π.χ.
    You can find this link on Vimeo by clicking Share > Embed
  3. Upload your video
    file type: MP4
    proposed file size: 500mb
Video preview image: .png or .jpg

Video preview image size: 400px width x 225px height

PDF Files

Up to 9 or 18 PDF files (depending on your booth template)
max size: 10mb per pdf
PDF preview image:  300px width x 425px height

Up to 13 links


file type: .png or .jpg
proposed size: 200px width x 150px height
max size: 1mb

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