Set up badge templates 

To design your badges template select  Event > CUSTOMIZE > Badges.
You can have different badge template for different ticket types.

  1. Choose the ticket type
  2. Choose the badge page size.
  3. Optionaly, you can upload the background image for the badges. The background image can be different for each ticket type.
  4. Use the HTML online editor to set the badge design. Or, you can create your badge design using an HTML editor of your choice, and then paste the HTML source code to the online editor (select Tools > Source Code at the online editor menu).
  5. To insert attendee info and other dynamic info, select Insert Dynamic Text at the online editor menu. For example, choose Ticket QR Code to insert the QR code to the badge.
  6. Click Save to save your changes

Repeat steps 1-5 to set the template for each ticket type. Or, click on COPY THIS TEMPLATE TO ALL BADGES to use the same badge template for all ticket types.

If you need help designing your badge, do not hesitate to contact us.

Pre-print badges

To generate a PDF with the badges, go to Manage > More > Print Badges & Certificates

Options on the left
  1. Select the ticket types to generate badges.
  2. Select the sorting of badges (by last name, by registration type, by seat, by company or by source)
  3. Select the source to generate badges for. 

Options on the right
  1. You can specify a range of registration dates to print badges for.
  2. You can select:
a) To include badges for RSVPs that are not answered yet.
b) To print only badges of attendees that are checked in.
c) Print badges with the background image
d) Print badges of attendees that their last name starts with a letter you specify.

The generated PDF includes the badges of the selected ticket type, one badge per page,  alphabetically sorted by surname. You can print this PDF using your printer, or send it to a specialized print service company.

You can print each badge onsite.  
At the Manage > Check-in, click Actions > Print Badge.
This method is great for on-site registrations or late registrations.
If your event is big and you choose to print badges on-site, we advise to use a fast printer (or multiple fast printers) to make sure that there will be no delays in the check-in process. 

Send Badges to attendees (print at home)

Alternatively, you can send an email that includes the unique link to each attendee so that he can print his own badge.

  1. Go to Invite > CONTACT Contact attendees.
  2. Select the recipients of this message. Select  "all" to send to all attendees.
  3. Select registration type. Select  "all" to send to all attendees or select a specific registration type.
  4. Compose an email message. At the HTML editor menu, click on Insert Dynamic text and select Send Badge Link. By clicking on this link, each attendee will be able to download and print a PDF with his own badge.
  5. Click "Send emails" to send the personal email messages that includes the link for each recipient to download and print his badge. 

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