B2B Meetings

B2B Meetings

Attend B2B meetings
Fill out the registration form for B2B Meetings. Some of the form fields are part of your profile and will be displayed to other participants.

Access to B2B meetings
To access B2B meetings click on the link you will receive in your email. Alternatively, go to https://www.eventora.com/en/User/Meetings

View participant profiles
You can view participant profiles, select filters and search.

Request an appointment
Select the desired participant and timeslot and press the Request Meeting button
The other participant will be notified of your request and will see your profile. If he accepts your request, your appointment will be scheduled. You will be notified that your request has been accepted.

Accept requests for appointments
If someone asks you for a meeting, you will receive a notification in your email. By clicking on the link in your e-mail, you can see who requested it and accept it if you wish.

See your personal meeting agenda
The organizer will send you one link. In this link you can view your personal meeting schedule and download it in PDF. You can also access your meeting schedule from your mobile phone (if the B2B Meetings host has enabled WebApp ).

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